Sewer FAQ

What part of the sewer line is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain?
The homeowner's responsibility varies throughout the metro area as each jurisdiction has slightly different requirements. In Portland the homeowner is responsible for their line from where it exits the home to the curb or property line. In Gresham the homeowner is responsible for their line from where it exits the home to the house side of the sidewalk. For other cities in the Portland Metro area give us a call and we can tell you where the responsibility ends.

What is a 'party line' sewer?
A party line sewer is when two or more houses share one connection to the city main. The city allowed these installations but do not allow them any more. If one of the sewer lines need a repair then the city may require that both homes replace their sewer lines and connect to the city main separately.

What type of material is my sewer line made of? Different types of material have been used for sewer pipe through the years. In general homes built in the early 1900's to the 1920's were constructed with clay pipe, 1920's to 1950's with concrete pipe, 1950's-1960's with cast iron & transite, late 1950's with orangeberg, and late 1970's to now with plastic PVC or ABS.

Sewer Project Inquiries


Whatever your questions are, we can answer them. Project managers will research and oversee your project from start to finish. We strictly adhere to all residential code requirements and obtain all appropriate municipal permits. All repairs and line replacements are conducted using OSHA approved safety methods and are inspected and approved by the city.